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The Summer Program Initiative is an opportunity to earn volunteer hours. If you are a volunteer who has attended any educational or extracurricular oriented summer programs, you have two volunteer opportunities.

Create a 10-15 minute introduction about the camp. The work put into the presentation will count as a minimum of two volunteer service hours (additional minutes will be accounted for on an individual assessment if you believe you put in extra work). You will meet up with the Umlaut Board at least twice to practice presenting and receive critique (we will add the time allotted for the practice to your two volunteer hours). If you are interested in presenting, please fill out the Discovery Lecture Form found in the Present tab on your account. 

Application help hours are recorded similarly to how Umlaut Foundation tracks hours for tutoring sessions: you will submit the Zoom call minutes through your Umlaut account. 

If you are a volunteer interested in attending a lecture, please sign up accordingly through our upcoming weekly newsletter features.

Upcoming Events

Umlaut Book Drive

Umlaut Foundation is accepting lightly-used test prep books. See our Donate page for more info!

Monthly Updates

Monthly Quota

Starting September, Umlaut Foundation has decided to implement a new policy to encourage tutoring requests. Every month, each volunteer must request to tutor at least once for every five foster youth requests. For example, if there are thirteen topic requests this month, everyone should have submitted a tutor request at least twice.

Senior Service Hours

if you are a senior attending Amador Valley High School, we have been placed on the pre-approved list of nonprofits for senior service hours. We will be able to track and record your hours, and once you have made the request, we can sign the certification form. If you are not attending Amador Valley High School and would like this benefit extended to your district, please let us know, and we will contact your school board.